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(photograph courtesy of Chris King,

Arkell’s Kingsdown and Moonlight both achieved gold awards at this year’s Taste of the West awards, with Bee’s Organic achieving silver.

Brewery director, George Arkell, is delighted with the result.  “The well-established and highly respected Taste of the West Awards are attracting record numbers of entries so we are particularly thrilled at having achieved such a great result this year,” he said.

The judges loved the presentation of the three ales submitted, all the bottles and packaging scored full marks.

Of Arkell’s Kingsdown, the judges added: “The ale has a fantastic aroma that almost scored full marks. A good appearance with a sweet, malty finish to the taste. Overall a great taste of

a classic ale, well worthy of a gold award.”

Arkell’s Moonlight also came in for particular praise: “The ale has a lovely aroma with good balance. A good appearance with a mostly malt finish to the taste. Overall a fantastic taste.”

Arkell’s Bee’s Organic which has, in previous years, scored gold at these awards, proved it’s all down to individual taste by achieving a silver this year. The judges said: “The ale has a lovely, malty aroma with a slight hint of honey; very good in appearance and a nice finish to the taste, a very smooth aftertaste with notes of citrus and honey. The overall taste was very good, though the honey taste could perhaps be enhanced a little more.”


George Arkell added: “We put heart and soul into brewing our beers and it is wonderful that professional beer tasters love what we produce.”



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