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Sales at one of the South West’s biggest antique centres are up over 20%.

During September and October, Gloucester Antique Centre at Gloucester Quays, reported a sales uplift of 26% and 20% month on month.

The antiques centre has also brought in four new antique dealers, including a leather-bound book specialist, a furniture, fine quality porcelain, silver and glass dealer from Yorkshire and another selling the currently-trending shabby chic and retro household items and furniture.


According to Centre Manager, Stephen Zacaroli: “We are thrilled with the increased business, but we’re not complacent, we work hard to attract visitors who are mindful of every purchase they make.”


Stephen thinks that one of the reasons Gloucester Antique Centre is bucking the retail trend is that doesn’t look like most other antiques centres and offers a surprise for visitors.


“We’re in a beautiful, clear and airy refurbished Docks building, with a café and plenty of space to view the goods,” he said.  “This is definitely not the stereotypical dark and dusty old barn where you expect to find a rare bargain, but are often disappointed.”


One of the centre’s most successful retail categories is jewellery.   “Our jewellery ranges from antique Victorian right up to contemporary,” explains Stephen.   “One of our top sales this year was a £3000 diamond engagement ring, but our dealers have made a number of other significant sales too.”


Other ranges performing well at the Antiques Centre, according to Stephen, are the retro goods, with 60s and 70s vinyl LP records particularly attracting antique hunters with more modest budgets, although a first pressing of a vinyl LP can fetch up to £50.


“As we become better known for the range of our stock, we are finding that customers are now expecting to be able to buy presents here,” added Stephen.  “That’s the thing about an antique centre, customers really are buying something that isn’t available at the next shop down the road, and I think that could be why we’ve seen strong sales growth over the last few months.”

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